I’m a product designer, prototyper, and lifelong learner.

I’m a product designer, prototyper, and lifelong learner.

I learned to play guitar in recent years, and wrote a tool to help me understand how scales land on the fretboard, no matter what tuning I’m in.

I used this to compose the first three tracks on this EP.

︎ Lifelong learning
︎ Becoming competent quickly
︎ Data visualization Javascript, React

I made a polling app called A/B. It lets people ask open ended questions with an A or B answer:

Which job should I take? Where should I live next? Which dress suits me?

In A/B, consumers get 2nd opinions about decisions they might make, and the system gets interest data on things like products and places. The app was a finalist in the FastCoLabs & Target Retail Accelerator in 2013.

︎ Design
︎ Data visualization
︎ User research  ran small beta test
︎ Prototyping  Objective-C

I plotted my design career on two axes: happiness on the vertical, length of engagement on the horizontal. According to the data, I was happiest working on independent ventures and medium-term freelance opportunities that let me operate freely.

︎ Data visualization

I was once a research fellow at MIT, where I worked with data scientists to investigate people patterns in cities, using geo-tagged flickr photos as a data source. I wrote custom dataviz tools to find patterns.

One output of this work was an exhibition of tourism patterns in Spain.

︎ Engineering Processing, Java, Modest Maps, Google Maps

An art installation that uses the language of video games to let one wander through a 3D labyrinth constructed from one's own scanned fingerprint. Exhibited at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in 2003, Pond Gallery in 2004, and on the KQED television show, Spark, in 2004.

︎ UX  
︎ Data visualization
︎ Engineering processing, c++, opengl
︎ Shipping

The team:
Amy Franceschini, art director
Michael Swaine, built this crazy device
I figured out how to manifest the rest

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