I’m a product designer, prototyper, and lifelong learner.

I’m a product designer, prototyper, and lifelong learner.

I was a Principal Designer at an a16z-funded startup called FiftyThree. Following its successful first hardware product, Pencil, we set out to create a new stylus called Pen.

I owned the scenarios in which you might use Pen’s pushbutton encoder alongside a screen. I prototyped use cases to identify hero moments that we’d want to enable, impacting the manufacturing stack: from industrial design to encoder spec to firmware spec.

In hardware, it’s important to get these things right from the start...we can’t update atoms as easily as we can bits.

My work also broadened Pen’s potential audience beyond users of 53’s iOS app, Paper.

︎ Hardware/Software UX Design
︎ Research 
︎ Strategy
︎ Prototyping  Arduino, p5, swift, bluetooth

Interaction design and prototyping for Courier. I led the design and prototyping of the "ink" experience — that is, the experience of writing and drawing on a pen-sensitive screen — among other things.

︎ UX  Wireframes
︎ User research  design validation
︎ Prototyping  Processing

As a contractor at Local Projects, I wrote software for a Google Maps application that runs on a set of touch-responsive, object-aware tables at the NYC Visitor Information Center. 

I was later commisioned directly by NYC & Co to revisit the project to simplify the original project and work on standard off-the-shelf touchscreens.

︎ UX  
︎ User research  design validation
︎ Engineeringactionscript, Adobe Flex, TUIO, iterative prototyping, Google Maps, running a local maps tile server
︎ Shipping

As a contractor at Teague, I wrote software for an e-reader concept. I built a working book reader that we skinned and shaped different ways to fit client expectations.

By working in parallel to design, rather in a waterfall fashion, I helped the team get farther, faster.

︎ Engineering actionscript, Adobe Flex

Interaction prototype for a D-pad driven in-flight entertainment system on high end jets. My work was about creating a living document of the UX design, while also enabling designers to directly sculpt the information architecture and screen flows in XML.

︎ Engineering actionscript, Adobe Flex, XML

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