I’m a product designer, prototyper, and lifelong learner.

I’m a product designer, prototyper, and lifelong learner.

I was a Principal Designer in an incubation team at Office. My work was about helping you achieve more when you can’t see or touch a screen.

My roles ranged from doing research with the blind to brainstorming to prototyping haptic and voice solutions to shipping this work to product teams.

︎ Design  
︎ Research & Ethnography
︎ Prototyping  Swift, React, SSML, audio, Microsoft Graph
︎ Psychology  Getting information into a person’s brain through spoken language and sound
︎ Strategy  Finding ways to impact many products (not just one)
︎ PM  Writing explainers, whitepapers, spreadsheets, and other materials to help product teams adapt our learnings

I made a polling app called A/B. It lets people ask open ended questions with an A or B answer:

Which job should I take? Where should I live next? Which dress suits me?

In A/B, consumers get 2nd opinions about decisions they might make, and the system gets interest data on things like products and places. The app was a finalist in the FastCoLabs & Target Retail Accelerator in 2013.

︎ Design
︎ Data visualization
︎ User research  ran small beta test
︎ Prototyping  Objective-C

Interaction design and prototyping for Courier. I led the design and prototyping of the "ink" experience — that is, the experience of writing and drawing on a pen-sensitive screen — among other things.

︎ UX  Wireframes
︎ User research  design validation
︎ Prototyping  Processing

Vellum was a simple, expressive drawing app for the iPhone (and later iPad). The app explored digital grit—by consciously not enabling anti-aliasing, I hoped to deepen users’ connection with the pixels.

︎ UX  
︎ User research  Gathered feedback from production users
︎ Prototyping
︎ Engineering Objective-C, OpenGL, Javascript
︎ Shipping

As a contractor at Local Projects, I wrote software for a Google Maps application that runs on a set of touch-responsive, object-aware tables at the NYC Visitor Information Center. 

I was later commisioned directly by NYC & Co to revisit the project to simplify the original project and work on standard off-the-shelf touchscreens.

︎ UX  
︎ User research  design validation
︎ Engineeringactionscript, Adobe Flex, TUIO, iterative prototyping, Google Maps, running a local maps tile server
︎ Shipping

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